Syria Krak des Chevaliers 2001.04.25 - 04.26

Crusader Castle

Originally built by the Emir of Homs in 1031 and later expanded by the Crusader knights in the 12th century, this is possibly the most structurally interesting castle in the world. Tunnels to rooms within the outer castle wall and the main castle are well preserved and unmodified for tourism. To reach all the rooms, a flashlight is needed to navigate the deep dark passages. Everyone who's visited acknowledges that this is the best castle they've ever been to. A day at Krak des Chevaliers justifies the unreasonably expensive Syria tourist visa.

Krak des Chevaliers is open daily except public holidays. Admission is S£ 300 (S£ 15 for students). It can be easily reached by public bus and minibus from Homs (1 hour one-way) and Hama (2 hours one-way).

This steep inner castle wall is surrounded by a moat and a fortified outer castle wall. No enemy has ever successfully invaded Krak des Chevaliers.

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