Spain Sevilla (Seville) 2001.01.19 - 01.21

World's Largest Cathedral

Sevilla is warmer and livelier than the Spanish cities in the north. It seems cleaner too, although broken bottles litter the riverside park and certain streets have considerable dog doo. There's definitely less graffiti, which may be why we perceive Sevilla to be cleaner.

Although Sevilla lacks renowned unique artists like Gaudí or Dalí, it has interesting sites and a social charm that we enjoyed. The most notable site is the Cathedral, reputed to be the world's largest. Entry is PTS 800 for adults, PTS 200 for students, the elderly, and residents of Sevilla, and free for children under 12. On Sunday afternoon, entry is free for everyone. From within the Cathedral, visitors can ascend the Giralda tower for a 360° view of the city.

In addition to the Cathedral, visits can be made to Alcázarez (residence of Muslim and Christian royalty), Torre del Oro (Maritime Museum), and the narrow winding streets of Santa Cruz.

We found cheap accommodation near the south bus station, but after walking through Santa Cruz (about 30 minutes walk north of the south bus station), we wish we had found lodging there. In Santa Cruz, the roads are too narrow for cars, keeping the neighborhood quiet and the air clean(er). The houses have well maintained tile exterior walls and many have atriums with a fountain. The location is ideal: only 5 minutes from the Cathedral and within walking distance of the train station. Next time.

When walking around Sevilla, beware of impatient drivers. Red lights are often ignored and vehicles seem to have a right of way over pedestrians.

Internet Cafés are common throughout the city. The best value is INTERNET at 3 Fl, Calle O'Donnell 3. PTS 250 per hour (PTS 250 minimum) with floppy drive, FTP from DOS, and high speed access.

The Sevilla Cathedral is the largest in the world. Spacious domed rooms along the exterior wall connect from within, and the Giralda tower gives visitors a view of the city.

The entrance to Alcázarez is painted red. Horse carriages await to take tourists for a ride; PTS 4000 + tip per hour.

Torre del Oro sits along the Rio Guadalquivir river bank were lovers snuggle, joggers exercise, and dogs play.

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