Spain Figueres 2000.12.21 - 12.22

Home of Salvador Dalí

The highlight of Figueres is the Museu Dalí, a 19th century theater converted by Dalí to exhibit a large collection of his unique creations. To find the museum, follow the brown signs pointing the way from the Figueres train station. The walk is about 10-15 minutes.

The Museu Dalí collection is 4 stories of odd works, mostly by Dalí, ranging in size from small prints to an enormous sculpture in the atrium about 15 meters high. The exhibit has very few warped clocks, the pattern most commonly associated with Dalí. Yet many of the displays carry the general theme of time's encroachment on temporary beauty. None of the works have explanations, but the patient observer can often find meaning in each. Below are 2 of my favorites with my own interpretations. Click each image to see an enlargement.

The dandelion is a physical being. It projects a shadow. The aged and cracking dandelion has released its crutches but clings to life, trying to clench its cracking bosom. Death is here; a personification of wind that will blow the dandelion seeds and cart away the physical being. Yet from death, the seeds bring new life.

Physical (outer) beauty is never constant. It continually changes with time. Inner beauty starts from within and is projected outward. Inner and outer are forever in motion.

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