Facts for the Visitor

US citizen: No visa required, visitors permitted to stay 30 days.
Japanese citizen: No visa required, visitors permitted to stay 30 days.

Language Skills Needed
English is sufficient.

Cash Machines
Available everywhere. Most are on the Plus, Cirrus, and Maestro international networks. The usual maximum withdrawal is S$ 1000.

US$ 1 = 1.78 Singapore Dollars (S$) on October 25, 2002.

220V, 50Hz. Plugs have 3 square pins like the UK.

International Certificates of Vaccination are not required.

No tip is required nor expected.

MRT Train Tickets and Bus Tickets
Buy an ezLink card for S$15 on arrival at the Changi Airport MRT station. S$5 is an ezLink card refundable deposit. S$10 is travel credit. The ezLink card is used on MRT trains and buses. Touch the ezLink card to the card reader on entry and exit to an MRT station and on boarding and disembarking a bus. The published ezLink-discount fare is automatically deducted from the pre-paid amount. Money can be added (minimum increment is S$10) to the ezLink card at any MRT train station window. On departing Singapore, return the ezLink card to an MRT train station window for a refund of the S$5 deposit and any unused portion of the pre-paid amount.

City Maps
Find a free Singapore city map on arrival at the Changi Airport.

Public Telephones
Telephones accept either coins or a phone card of the telephone company owning the phone. SingTel public telephones are most prevalent in the city, so buy a SingTel telephone card. SingTel telephone cards are available at 7-11. The minimum card value is S$10. Domestic public telephone calls to fixed line or mobile phone numbers is a standard S$0.10 for the first 3 minutes. Domestic public telephone calls from pay phones within Changi Airport (between Immigration and the boarding gates) are free.

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