Facts for the Visitor

US citizen: Between April 1 ~ September 31 (tourist season), tourist passes with a 30-day validity are issued at the border for 6 Euro. Outside these dates, a visa must be obtained before arrival at a Yugoslavian Consulate. Hotels do required police registration.
Japanese citizen: No visa required for a 90-day stay. Hotels do required police registration.

Language Skills Needed
Many people in tourist related industries speak English. Learning the Cyrillic Alphabet is needed to read bus destinations and maps.

Cash Machines

Currency & Currency Exchange
US$ 1 = SBD 61.775 (Serbian dinar) on September 19, 2002.
Moneychangers at bus stations, train stations, and heavy pedestrian areas change US$ and Euro into Serbian dinar. Hotels and restaurants accept payment in Euro at a slightly worse rate than the moneychanger gives.

220V, 50Hz. Electrical outlets are for mainland European parallel round pin plugs.

International Certificates of Vaccination are not required.

Round bills up.

Belgrade has 56 kbps connections for SBD 60 per hour.

Below European standards but clean and comfortable.

Belgrade city buses and trams are SBD 10 for any distance. Long-distance buses are clean, comfortable, and inexpensive. The only train runs from Belgrade south through Sofia to Istanbul and from Belgrade north through Zagreb to Zürich.

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