Japan Tokyo 2001.09.16 - 09.22


We returned home to Tokyo for 2 short weeks to see family and friends.

Sushi lovers should try the chirashi-sushi lunch at Sushi-cho in Akasaka. ¥1500 buys 2 kinds of soup, a chirashi-sushi lunchbox, tea, and desert. Finding a better deal in Tokyo is improbable. Sushi-cho is on the 3rd floor at 3-6-10 Akasaka (Tel: 03-3585-7917). Try to arrive at the 11:30 AM opening time to avoid long waits.

Masami's friends from Kodak Japan, Miki-chan and Suwa-chan, visit with their kids. While we travel our friends are raising families!

This house in Kugahara is where we got married in November 1993. We visited the owners Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi to talk about our past 8 years of married life.

In Saitama Prefecture north of Tokyo is an old section of Kawagoe-shi with traditional-style buildings. Tourists and Japanese alike find this area interesting.

A side street in the old section of Kawagoe-shi has traditional Japanese candy production. All work continues to be done by hand.

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