Japan Lodging Guide Ratings

 ¥ = Japanese Yen; US$ 1 = ¥ 118.9 Ratings  
= Excellent
 "with WC" = toilet and shower/tub in room.
= Very Good
 "WC" not stated = shower, toilet shared by guests.
= Good
 Prices include hotel taxes.
= Fair
 English spoken unless otherwise stated.
= Poor
  = Terrible
Yarisawa Lodge Tel: 0263-95-2626
Int'l: +81-263-95-2626
5 hours hike in along the riverbank from the Kamikochi bus terminal.
¥8500 per person including dinner and breakfast.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Lodge is open from the end of April to the end of October. Sleeping is dormitory style and is very cramped on weekends. Toilet paper is provided, but bath towels are not. Hot bath hours are 15:00-16:00 for women and 16:00-17:00 for men. Detergents are prohibited, including soap and toothpaste, to keep the environment clean. Dinner is a plentiful collection of Japanese dishes and served at 17:30. Breakfast is filling and served at 05:30. Lights-out at 20:30 but dim hall lights at night make a flashlight unnecessary to find the toilet in the middle of the night. No English is spoken.

Tochio Onsen
Minshuku Takarasugi Tel: 0578-9-2515
Int'l: +81-578-9-2515
50 meters from Kami-Tochio bus stop. Ask the bus driver to notify you when the stop is reached.
¥7500 per person including dinner and breakfast.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: Tatami room with low tea table, TV, and futons. Common WC is downstairs. The common natural hot-spring outdoor bath (rotenburo) can be locked and used privately. Be sure to wash BEFORE getting into the tub. Toilet paper is provided but bath towels are not. Dinner is a delicious assortment of 9 Japanese dishes. Breakfast is Japanese style with rice, nori, fish, egg, miso soup, and tea. Tochio is about half-way between Hirayu Onsen and Shin-hodaka Onsen on the No-hi Bus Line. Shin-hodaka Onsen is a possible exit point from hikes in the Kamikochi Mountains and has high priced accommodation. Riding the bus from Shin-hodaka Onsen to Tochio (last departure is 18:20) gives alternate cheaper accommodation options. Telephone in advance. No English is spoken.

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