Italy Assisi 2001.06.17 - 06.18

San Francesco

Assisi is a small town halfway between Rome and Florence that was recommended by Akiko who we met in Berlin. The birthplace of San Francesco, founder of the Frati Minori (later known as the Franciscans after San Francesco's death), the town attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims every year. The only tourist and religious site of significance is the Basilica di San Francesco.

We enjoyed Assisi for its gorgeous stone buildings adorned with flowers and the town's relaxed atmosphere. Assisi is a good place to rest between the packed site seeing schedules of Rome and Florence.

Assisi has one high speed Internet Café, Internet World at Via S. G. dell'Addolorata 25, where floppy drives and FTP from DOS both work. The cost is ITL 6000 for the first 30 minutes and ITL 150 per minute thereafter.

There are direct trains from Rome to Assisi. The Assisi train station is 4km from town. From the station, cross the road and take local bus A. Tickets are ITL 1500 and sold at the souvenir shop in the train station lobby.

The gray stone houses and buildings of Assisi are adorned with flowers and grape vines. Every direction is peaceful and aesthetic.

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