India Jaipur 2001.12.09 - 12.14

Not Shopping

Jaipur is a city of artisans. We visited the walled old city (called the "Pink City Area" but actually orange in color) to see some crafts. Aggressive rickshaw drivers tailed us as we walked. Store owners bounded from shops shouting persuasions to view their products. Even while sipping a lassi, a pedestrian suggested we visit his "cheaper" back alley jewelry shop instead of "these expensive places on the main road". He wouldn't accept our reasoning that we want to drink a lassi, not shop for jewelry. Everywhere we turned, arms waved as us to come this way, see that trinket, buy this textile, and voices shouted incessantly. Overwhelmed and distrusting everyone, our instincts said, "escape!" We intended to shop in Jaipur but ironically the vendors chased us away. The aggression in Jaipur didn't just deter us. Talking to other guests at our hotel, it turns out that everyone lost interest to shop in Jaipur. What a pity since much of the Rajasthani art comes from Jaipur.

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