Hungary Lodging Guide Ratings

 Ft = Hungarian Forint; US$ 1 = 300 Ft Ratings  
= Excellent
 "with WC" = toilet and shower/tub in room.
= Very Good
 "WC" not stated = shower, toilet shared by guests.
= Good
 English spoken unless otherwise stated.
= Fair
  = Poor
  = Terrible
Mrs. Ena Bottka Tel: 06-30-9-518-763
Int'l: +36-30-9-518-763
5 Ganbaldi utca, Apartment 51. Two minutes walk from Kossuth Lajos tér metro station.
Ft 7500 - 9000 per double room.
Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
Comments: This private apartment in the center of Pest is converted into multiple double rooms with a shared bathroom. Cheaper rooms are tiny and simple. The more expensive room is spacious and has cable TV. There's a small shared kitchen for guests.

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