France Chasteuil 2001.07.06 - 07.13

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In October 2000, we hastily created a web page for Le Gîte de Chasteuil. In 4 days, we had a functional page but it lacked a few professional touches. This year, we allocated 7 days to write version 2. In addition to easier page identification through page titles, more convenient navigation from the bottom of each web page, useful text below image enlargements, and assorted META TAGs for search engines, we added 3 new pages: Guest Comments, Soap, and Photo Gallery. Nancy and Masami demonstrated their creativity in photo shooting for the Soap page. Dirty people beware: after seeing this soap page, you'll feel the urge to shower with pleasure. Please visit to see how good this site looks!

During our weeklong stay in Chasteuil, Wes stayed indoors to recover from a cold (most likely caught on the Tre Cime hike in the Dolomites). Masami went on regular hikes in the area. One hike we both made to the rocks of Cadieres de Brandis overlooking Chasteuil was exceptionally beautiful. If you're ever in Chasteuil, ask Pascal to point the way.

As a token of appreciation, Nancy and Pascal took us to lunch at a 4-Michelin-star chef's restaurant in Moustiers, La Bastide de Moustiers (Tel: 04-9270-4747, reservations required to be admitted through the lower gate). The presentation of each dish was artistic, and the flavor of each ingredient was preserved in a melody of color. The 5-couse menu is under US$40 at lunch time. Oh, how we wish food in the US were as good...

Pascal is constructing Le Gîte de Chasteuil on his own. Left to complete is a remodeling of private quarters.
In the summer, flowers bloom all around Chasteuil. These flowers and birdbath are directly opposite the guest rooms.
Wild lavender sprouts through a crack in the rock at the top of Cadieres de Brandis. This is one of the prettier hikes near Chasteuil.
Nancy, Pascal and Masami pose on the grounds of La Bastide de Moustiers before an exquisite 3-hour lunch.

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