Facts for the Visitor

US citizen: No visa required for a 90-day stay.
Japanese citizen: No visa required for a 90-day stay.

Language Skills Needed
Many people in tourist related industries speak English. Travel is easy without knowing a single word of Croatian.

Cash Machines
Cash machines on the Plus / Cirrus / Maestro international networks are in every town with a population of 50,000 or more.

Currency & Currency Exchange
US$ 1 = Kn 7.4 (Croatian Kuna) on September 24, 2002.
It is a fully convertible currency to US$ and Euro at a moneychanger or bank in Croatia.

220V, 50Hz. Electrical outlets are for mainland European parallel round pin plugs.

International Certificates of Vaccination are not required.

Round bills up.

Public telephones take telephone cards.

Fast Internet connections are found in all major cities and cost between Kn 20~30 per hour.

Hotels are expensive. Accommodation in rooms at private houses and short-term apartment rentals are common throughout Croatia. One or two day rental of an apartment with kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathroom is cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel. Just knock on the door of any house displaying a sign with one of the words: Rooms, Apartman (Croatian), Sobe (Croatian), Chambre (French), Zimmer (German), or Camere (Italian). Walking down any town street, it seems like every house rents private rooms.

City bus and tram tickets are cheaper when purchased at a kiosk instead of from the driver. Long-distance buses are new and comfortable, and they make frequent toilet stops. They charge an additional Kn 2.00 per peice of stowed luggage. Schedules are published and available from bus stations and tourist information offices.

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