Guizhou, China Chong'an 2002.06.10 - 06.11

Market Day

90 minutes by bus north of Kaili is the peaceful riverside town of Chong'an that comes alive every 5 days for market day. (Note: Lonely Planet mistakenly writes "every Friday" instead of what the writer was probably told: "every five day.") A significant percentage of ethnic minority villagers attend the market in traditional costume. The market is busiest from late morning to mid afternoon. We stayed only one night to see the market and town, though walks to neighboring villages, temples, and farmed hill terraces could easily occupy days of enjoyment.

Buses from either of Kaili's bus stations depart every 20 minutes for Huangping with a stop at intermediary Chong'an.

Assorted headdress seen at the Chong'an Market.
Chong'an market vendors sell materials used by ethnic minorities. These bolts of blue cloth are stitched into beautiful minority dress.
An elderly Miao woman enjoys her day at the market.
These drunks especially enjoy the wine seller at the market.
"Bought some goats at the market? Sure, just throw them on top of the bus." These poor goats looked like they were about to slip off before the bus exited town.

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