Bosnia-Herzegovina Lodging Guide Ratings

  •  KM = B-H Konvertible Mark; US$ 1 = KM 1.9854
  • Ratings  
    = Excellent
  •  "with WC" = toilet and shower/tub in room.
  • = Very Good
  •  "WC" not stated = shower, toilet shared by guests.
  • = Good
  •  Prices include hotel taxes.
  • = Fair
  •  English spoken unless otherwise stated.
  • = Poor
    = Terrible
    Private House through Turistička Agencija Ljubačica Tel: 033-232-109
    Int'l: +387-33-232-109
    Turistička Agencija Ljubačica is at Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 65 in the Baščaršija section of downtown.
    KM 22 per person in a double room.
    Friendliness Cleanliness Value for Money
    Comments: Turistička Agencija Ljubačica places travelers in private houses throughout the city. Rooms closest to the historic center of Baščaršija are more expensive, while rooms more distant are cheaper. Some rooms have a private WC while others share the house WC with the owner.

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