Facts for the Visitor

US citizen: No visa required for a 30-day stay. Hotels do required police registration.
Japanese citizen: No visa required for a 30-day stay. Hotels do required police registration.

Language Skills Needed
Many people in tourist related industries speak English. Learning the Cyrillic Alphabet is needed to read bus destinations and maps in the Serbian half of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Croat and Muslim half of the country use the Roman Alphabet.

Cash Machines
Cash machines on the Plus / Cirrus / Maestro international networks are on main roads and pedestrian walkways in Sarajevo.

Currency & Currency Exchange
US$ 1 = KM 1.9854 (Bosnia-Herzegovina Konvertible Mark) on September 21, 2002.
It is a fully convertible currency to US$ and Euro at a moneychanger or bank in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

220V, 50Hz. Electrical outlets are for mainland European parallel round pin plugs.

International Certificates of Vaccination are not required.

Round bills up.

Public telephones take telephone cards.

Sarajevo has 56 kbps connections for KM 2 per hour.

Tourist oriented services, including accommodation and restaurants, are priced high. A good alternative to the US$100 per night hotel is private accommodation in a family home. A good place to start in Sarajevo is Turistička Agencija Ljubačica at ul Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 65 in the Baščaršija section of downtown. Turistička Agencija Ljubačica will place you in a private home according to your specifications and properly register your stay with the police.

City buses and trams are a fixed KM 1.20 per ride or KM 4.00 for a 1-day ticket. Taxi fares are negotiated in advance. Long-distance buses are new and comfortable, and they make frequent toilet stops. Long-distance buses charge an additional KM 1.00 per peice of stowed luggage.

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